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Blue cheese cultures (Penicillium Roqueforti )

Our 100% Vegan starter cultures and moulds can be used to make so many different vegan cheeses, using many different bases ... cashew being a favourite! Contains 3g of powdered cultures, enough to transform 3kg of nuts (or whatever base you choose) into delicious plant-based cheese) This one is for gorgeous picquant Blue cheeses, and should be used alongside a starter culture, either of the mesophilic cultures we sell will work beautifully! Store in the fridge, or freezer for a longer shelf life.  For more instructions, download our "Blue Cascheese" recipe guide which can be found here recipes. We also highly recommend Thomas at Full of Plants ( ), they even have a free E book full of great recipes available! Now you can finally buy vegan cultures from a UK based seller, avoiding large delivery costs from Europe, whats stopping you?? Get your cheese on ! Not suitable for penicillin allergy sufferers.

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