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We are proud embassadors for vegan cheese, and now want to encourage YOU to get involved!! Why not check out our ""Cultures and Kits" page below and start your own cheesemaking journey, we'll be with you every step of the way!

FREE B.Linens with all cultures order, while stocks last!

Bestselling Cheeses, Butters, Cultures & more!

It's our pleasure to create...

Fresh, Raw & Handmade Cheeses and delicious, no compromise Vegan block Butter substitute.. 

Take a browse round our store to pick up some delicious and highly recommended Pips products, delivered directly to your door in temperature controlled packaging.

Here at Pips we're committed to protecting our beautiful world; we use vegan waxed paper wrap and fully biodegradable and compostable film, rather than plastic wrap we keep the use of plastic to a minimum . You can help too ... our products are sent out to you in temperature controlled packaging and the ice and insulating wrap can be reused.

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